Resources for Using XML with AASHTO Trns•port® Payroll XML Resource Kit

The AASHTO Trns•port system makes extensive use of XML to share data between it and other systems. This site contains resources to help those who need to share XML data with AASHTO Trns•port software, whether they are end users or vendors of software systems.

Payroll XML

Developers of payroll systems who want to produce valid Payroll XML files from their payroll systems to be passed to AASHTO Trns•port software will find numerous useful resources in the AASHTO Trns•port Payroll XML Resource Kit section of this site, including all needed XML schemas, examples showing creation of valid files, and both online and downloadable Payroll XML validators.

Contractors and other firms that need to deliver valid Payroll XML files to agencies that use AASHTO Trns•port software will be best served by using a payroll or project management system that already supports producing valid Payroll XML files. Alternatively, they can use the spreadsheet and online conversion utility in the AASHTO Trns•port Payroll Spreadsheet Conversion Utility section of this site to manually enter their data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and convert it from there into valid Payroll XML.