AASHTOWare Project™ Payroll Spreadsheet Conversion Utility 2.0

The best way to produce Payroll XML files is to use a software system to manage the data that can also produce this format directly. However, not all end users will have such a system available to them. In that case, data can be manually entered directly into the AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor Management System™ (formerly Trns•Port CRLMS®) module, or produced using an Excel spreadsheet.

AASHTO provides a general-purpose Microsoft Excel 2007 (XLSX) spreadsheet to agencies that can be used to enter payroll data (Payroll Spreadsheet) and an online conversion utility that can take a filled-in spreadsheet and return a valid Payroll XML file for delivery to an agency.


Agency Instructions

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Once you have a payroll spreadsheet with your data entered, you can create a Payroll XML file online with this tool.


You can now deliver the Payroll XML file to the agency via whatever method they have established.